Collagen: The Supplement You Didn't Know Your Pup Needed

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Anja Skodda, founder & CEO of HAPPYBOND, sits down with the Holi team to chat about her company, the benefits of collagen, the one-of-a-kind bond between dog & human, and how her impressive science background led to the creation of products that really work.

HOLI: How and when did you first realize that Tony, your bulldog, had an affinity for skateboarding?

ANJA: He ran after skateboards when he was a puppy, but did not jump on it until we lived in Berlin and we pushed one in front of him…. He was basically obsessed with it! Our new bulldog has the same affinity, but he also loves water and surfing.

HOLI: We know that building the bond between human + dog is an integral part of your brand, hence the name! What are some of the most impactful ways to form a deep bond with your pet?

ANJA: At HAPPYBOND we believe in the Whole Health Body Mind Play, meaning your dog not only needs the best nutrition, they also need exercise (breed-specific) and mental stimulation, including affection. It’s like us humans, we can eat the best diet, but if we are isolated from social contact and just binge watch, we will get sick in the long run…. The pandemic clearly made this more visible than ever. Everything you do with your pet is strengthening the BOND, even a vet visit can build trust, some training during the walk brings respect and of course cuddling with your dog strengthens the LOVE. We at HAPPYBOND have created an easy way to understand the needs of your pet under Healthspan Knowledge. To establish the BOND between you and your Pet includes to feed them right, as we want to keep them healthy, mobile and active to bring them along and enjoy those walks, runs, and swims together!

HOLI: How did you know that incorporating collagen into Tony's regimen would help, and what were the first signs of improvement you noticed?

ANJA: My background is in tissue engineering, specialising in growing cartilage and skin in the lab. I worked with everything that made cartilage reform the matrix, and collagen is the biggest structural protein in mammals; with age, we lose the ability to produce it. Supplementing with the right collagen can start the production back up or in the best cases keep it at that level! That's why we recommend to start in puppyhood. When Tony suffered from shoulder joint pain I needed to help him. He was depressed, not being able to skate. I formulated our (now patented) formula for him and within 3 days he was more active than before. It took only a week until he skated again and never suffered from joint issues thereafter staying on HAPPYAGAIN for the rest of his life. We tested this on humans as well--it's all human grade. And it Works!

HOLI: What is the main difference between the Happy Again, Happy Days, and Happy Start formulas?

ANJA: It's about the dosage. As we want to keep the collagen production on the highest level starting in puppy age helps build them right, giving them all nutrition to develop healthy Joints, great skin and bone structures. With HAPPYDAYS we want to maintain that Collagen level, keep their immune system on top with our added vitamins and lubricate the joints with Hyaluronic Acid. HAPPYAGAIN for our seniors has a much higher dosage recommandation, as at that point in their lives the collagen production drops down to very low levels, always depending on breed and nutrition. At this point there might already be an issue and we getting the most "wow!" reviews with this product as it shows the effect fairly quickly. With our new, bulldog, Fernando, I was able to feed him from Year 2 of his life (when we adopted him), and it gives me a good conscious to know that I am preventing him from developing those issues the best I can. He is very active and jumps incredibly easily, I want him to stay this way for as long as possible. He just turned 4 and moved to the HAPPYDAYS formula.

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