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HOLI x Happy Again
Erin Beirne
Next level

So the first time, I bought the Happy Again plain supplement. We have an almost 6 year old mastiff and an 8 year old bulldog. He will eat whatever, but she's picky. As long as it was well mixed in, they enjoyed it. This time, we got the Holi x Happy Again and they give it 8 paws up. Love is not a strong enough word.

This company is amazing, and I love following them on IG and seeing all the pups enjoying the treats. I love knowing that I don't have to worry about the pups getting fillers and things that aren't good for them.

Salmon was a no go

My picky shihtzu wouldn’t eat the salmon so I gave it to my neighbor for her dog. My Lizzy did love the chicken.

Rabbit Dog Food Topper
Sara Chialastri
out of stock

I ordered the Rabbit but it was out of stock and I got the lamb liver instead.

Elk & Venison Dog Treats
Cooper & Atlas Hayden

Made the perfect training treats as well as toppers.

Wild Caught Salmon Protein Pack Auto renew
Cooper & Atlas Hayden
Dogs loved it!

Loved how easy this was to use a topper. It’s incredibly smelly which the dogs love. And the salmon is so good for their coats and more.

Beef Liver Dog Treats
Ocean and River Baker
So Yummy!

Our girls love the Holi Beef Liver Dog Treats! They even recognize the bag and get so excited when I get it out and start to open it! We also buy the freeze dried chicken treats and they love those as well. We’re thrilled to have found a healthy treat option!

Helps Fight Cancer!

Did you know that Salmon oil helps fight cancer? Well, we didn’t either until now. My pup is a two time cancer survivor this will definitely be used daily. Plus he absolutely loves it and looks forward to eating his kibble every night. Thank you so much :)

Beef Liver Dog Treats
Terri Watkins
Good product!


Lamb Liver Dog Treats
Terri Watkins

My fur babies LOVE these treats!

My dog’s favorite!

My dog is OBSESSED with these treats! He loves the skin on and I love that there are no extra preservatives like most other brands out there. Will definitely be buying again with the salmon oil!

Beef Liver? Or Beef Lover?!?

After recently losing my girl Zoey I have been trying to spoil my Cooper with whatever treats I can and he loves trying new ones. He absolutely loved these and I loved the ingredients! Hope to get more soon!


My daughters dogs were not eating their dry food. Since Mixing this in they eat every drop. Will continue on buying and highly recommend this product

New Favorite Treats

LuLu LOVED these treats and we will be sticking more of this brand in our pantry. We are hooked!

Chicken Breast Dog Treats

My Ellie Loves your Product

Nutritious treats that my dog loves

My mini dachshund, who has turned down other treats before, simply can't resist the Holi salmon and turkey treats. I also appreciate that they're natural with plenty of protein and other nutrients that are good for dogs.

Yogi loves it

Love that it’s only a single ingredient! Would love to try a softer more breakable treat. But my Goldendoodle Yogi loves them!

Beef Liver Dog Treats
Tiffany Justine
All the dog love them

Not just my dog but every dog at my office (vet med world) loves these!

Dog treat review

These treats are so good they are so healthy and my dog absolutely loved them 10/10!!

Love this product!!

Our pooch absolutely loves this food and has no issues after eating for years.

Dog Approved!

I have two little dogs, one still young and spunky and the other will be a senior next year. These treats have been a big hit with them. The portions are just right and they’re easy to chew for my-almost-senior, who is starting to have some dental issues. I like how these treats were made from real turkey, so I can be assured they are getting something good for them. Very impressed with Holi!

Lamb Liver Dog Treats
Dennis Enright

Product is loved by my Sieberian Husky I find it a little pricey

Chicken Breast Dog Treats
Kristina Kaiser-Hipp
Dog and Cat love them

I bought these for my dog and discovered that my cat also loves them.They both beg for them. It's great to have such easy to eat treats that they both love and are good for them.

My dogs loooooove these rabbit treats and ask for them specifically

My elderly dog learned to bark 'rabbit, rabbit, rabbit' with good pronunciation to ask for these treats specifically.


My dog loved them!

Lamb Liver Dog Treats
The best!

I don’t feel bad giving these to my pup and he loves them!