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An essential for the dutiful dog mom

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't doing "the most" to give my dog the best of the best whether it be beds, snacks or skincare. Adding salmon oil has been game changing as it promotes healthier skin and coat from the inside out instead of having to use topical products to "treat" dry skin. My vet says fluids absorb into the system better than any supplement chew so dressing my dog's daily meals with this is my new go to. A MUST buy!

Would buy again

Maximus loves it

Great treats

I loved these treats, all natural even better!

The best

Cricket can’t wait for food time with this topper, she seems to becoming whiter and softer, plus a happy belly never is a bad thing

Rabbit Dog Treats
Jodi Fekete
Rabbit dog treats

Very happy with these treats and the dogs love them.

My dog is obsessed!!!!

The excitement my dog has when it’s time to eat….. thanks to this. He loses his mind over the lamb flavor and it’s so nice knowing I’m adding wholesome ingredients to his food and diet. We love this product and brand

Absolutely amazing

My dog is obsessed with these! There’s nothing better than real ingredients in your pup’s favorites. I couldn’t recommend this brand enough!!!!

Elk & Venison Dog Treats
Kimberly Johnson
Would buy again

Happy Pup!!!

Great alternative for dogs with allergies

My Malamute/Shih Tzu mix Kimber is severely allergic to all proteins but rabbit, so her options for treats are pretty limited. Thankfully, Holi offers freeze dried rabbit treats and toppers! She absolutely loves both of them. Thank you for offering a different protein!

Tough to cut. Lots of skin with no meat.

Would buy again

My pup is satisfied


My mini poodle has been on a rabbit/potato diet for health reasons. He became bored with his food so I decided to order the !00% freeze dried rabbit topper. After speaking to one of the reps at Holi about the product in detail, I was very hopeful and assured about feeding the rabbit topper to my dog. It was a winner....he now eats all his food and licks his bowl clean. I definitely recommend trying out the Holi toppers and other products. Your dog will love it.

Lamb Liver Dog Treats
Lynne & Calee
She loves them!

My pup Calee loves the Lamb treats! The treats from this company are one of my pups absolute favorites! Great company with healthy holistic dog food and treats! Your pup will love them! Highly recommend!

Rabbit Dog Treats
Lynne & Calee
These work great for training!

My pup with do anything for these treats, she loves all of Holi's treats! The rabbit treats are a little bit smaller and work great for training! My pup Calee has a very sensitive stomach, she does very well on all of the treats from Holi! Give them a try! Great company with healthy holistic dog food and treats! Your pup will love them!

She Loves them!

My pup absolutely loves these treats! I love feeding our pup super healthy treats from a quality company like Holi! Highly recommend !


My dog Indy, (100 lb Golden Retriever) has only been on Icelandic Salmon Oil for a short time so I will review in 1-2 months. For now all I can say is, she likes it but for any benefits, skin, coat, etc, have to wait & see. As for customer service, excellent! Bob N.

My Dog Loves this Food Topper!

My dog loves this food topper. She is 6 years old and I have never seen her go so crazy over any type of food, like she does this! She has a very sensitive stomach and allergies, she is doing wonderful with this topper! As soon as she sees this package in my hand she is right there waiting! We have stocked up on this one! Highly recommend! Excellent product! Try it, your pup will love it!

Amazing but $$$$

I bought these from Walmart at first and it was horrible. But I received it from the company which was amazing. The packing was great which keep the products from having alot of crumble. My baby loves them. Only bad is they are very pricey. Give it 4.5star

Lizzy likes it!

My shihtzu is the fussiest eater in the world. She does eat Holi and I know it’s good for her.

The best food and treats for our Lily Bell!

Our Lily turned 11 years and developed a chicken allergy. She started losing all her hair and itching like crazy. At first the vet thought it was an infection after many testing, but it wasn’t. It was a chicken allergy. We tried Holi Treats before and she loved it. Our friend recommended the meat-free meals for full nutrients and no chicken. Lily loves the meat-free meals and beef liver protein pack and most importantly, she’s not sick anymore. Thank you Holi!

My fur babies love it

I find without this added to their dry food they don’t eat it as quickly as they should. When added they eat their food and love it

Beef Liver Dog Treats
Alexis Shields
Great treats!

Our dogs LOOOOVE anything from Holi, but I think this might their favorite!

Elk & Venison Dog Treats
Ocean Poodle Pack
Dogs love them

I love giving our raw-fed pack novel proteins, and these are a big hit! I love the size - easy to mix in with our other training treats or in puzzle toys. We will definitely be ordering more of these!!

HUGE hit with our pups!

They loooove this salmon! I love that it’s quality ingredients! Highly recommend.

Ozzy approved!

My lil Rat Terrier is an extremely picky eater, especially with treats. And WOW does he LOVE these Beef Liver treats. He's usually a chicken guy and hates beef, but he does love liver, so I guess it being liver, even if it's beef liver, makes it a winner 🏆
I'm definitely going to be ordering more in the future for my little Ozzy RuRu!!