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Dog loves it, wish it was in a shaker

My dogs love the salmon topper. I just wish it was in a shaker form instead of a bag for easier dispensing.


The chicken breast treats are too flakey and turn to powder, making it challenging to feed them to our dog. I would return to the chicken if they were able to retain their cube shape. Thank you!

Great pick for my picky eater!

My dog is pretty picky but the answer is offering variety for him. This variety pack does just that! So happy we found these quality treats for him!

Rabbit Dog Treats
Patti Adleberg
Very Happy

Great company. I had a question and received an immediate response. Treats were sent quickly and packaged in a box to prevent the freeze dried treats from becoming crushed. I will be buying more!

Perfect addiction

This stuff is gold! My pupper goes to town with just the topper sprinkles :)

Healthy Salmon oil

My pup loves this oil and it is healthy

Wolfing it down!

Have 2 picky Yorkiepoos but not picky anymore, they clean the plate every time and look for anything that might have dropped on the floor! Thank you for a great product!

Best topper!

My boxer/rottweiler loves rabbits and unfortunately I had to find out the hard way :(. We are aiming to get her to lose weight so I tried this to add to her food instead of chicken pieces and she devours everything!! Definitely will try the others too :)

Dog Food Topper Variety Pack - Fish & Fowl


My little one loves the freeze dried products

Lamb Liver Dog Treats
Judith Kaiser
Lamb’s Liver treats

My little Yorky is very fussy eater and she loves the lamb liver treats. I cut them up very little and mix it with her kibbles to make her eat.

Chicken Breast treats

My puppy loves the chicken breast treats, however it is very hard to give as a treat because they come almost all like shredded, very flaky.

Inconsistent product

My dog loves these treats. For my use I need the larger size but I never know what size product I will receive. This time they were so small I can only use them as a topper for her food. Unfortunately, I will need to find a substitute. If the product could be packaged better I would use only these because she loves them so much.

Adult Dog Food - Meat Free Superfood
Gisela Mamposo

The only food my picky little Luna will eat.Great customer service as always!

The best treats we ever bought Maxx! He loves them!!! 🐶😊

My dogs love these beef liver treats!

Also, they started cutting the cubes a little bit bigger, and that makes them just about perfect! The dogs hear the package crinkle, and come running every time! Fantastic product! Especially for dogs with food allergies, like mine, because they’re limited ingredient and freeze dried! I know exactly what they’re eating! We love these things at our house!

Rabbit Dog Food Topper
Gisela Mamposo

My Luna loves the rabbit topper and she's a very picky little one! Thank you!

Rabbit Dog Treats
Alex Jones
Dog loves them but damaged from shipping

My dog loves the rabbit treats - she will play chase all day to get these treats. However, half the package came demolished and reduced to crumbs from the shipping journey. Will seek these out at a pet store rather than risk more damaged bags.

Rabbit treats

Only treats my dog will eat. Great for training

Best salmon oil

I have a very picky, three-year-old mixed dog and he would eat his entire food when I put two pumps in it. I’ve been using this ever since it came out.

Adult Dog Food Starter Bundles
Kaya, Ruby, & Autumn
love this kibble!

we were looking for a more convenient way for my pups to eat for when we go out since they eat raw food so we found this brand and I love it! I love how it is all natural and Holistic! it has no meals or by products! it is hard to find a food without that. I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone I know!

An essential for the dutiful dog mom

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't doing "the most" to give my dog the best of the best whether it be beds, snacks or skincare. Adding salmon oil has been game changing as it promotes healthier skin and coat from the inside out instead of having to use topical products to "treat" dry skin. My vet says fluids absorb into the system better than any supplement chew so dressing my dog's daily meals with this is my new go to. A MUST buy!

Would buy again

Maximus loves it

Great treats

I loved these treats, all natural even better!

The best

Cricket can’t wait for food time with this topper, she seems to becoming whiter and softer, plus a happy belly never is a bad thing