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Salmon oil

Glad you don’t use plastic bottles. Good product in an environmentally responsible package.

Delicious and not too fishy

My dog Honey loves salmon treats and I’m happy she does bc I do see a difference in how shiny and healthy her coat gets when she has more omega 3s in her diet


my dog LOVES these treats! her new fav

She wants more!

We tried it on top of my dogs dry food, and my dog does not eat dry food by itself, we always have to have a topping. She loved it! She wanted more as soon as she was done!

Beef Liver Dog Treats
Christina Breza
Quinn is obsessed 🤩

She absolutely loves the beef one!!! She is a big fan! One of her favorite treats. And they are great for training because they are small and easy to carry around! Definitely a family favorite! Which I’m so happy we found something she likes because she’s picky!

Highly recommend!

I cannot say enough good things about the Protein pack food toppers! My dog will eat his entire! meal once I add some of the topper. He is obsessed. This has been so helpful especially for days where he isn’t eating well.


My dog Bodhi loves Holi so much! We just tried the Salmon oil, and he will lick it up to the last drop. He absolutely loves it, and it makes me feel good knowing that I am providing him with something that not only tastes good, but also supports his health. We cannot say enough good things about Holi!

A must have

My dog goes CRAZY over these food toppers! It’s also nice to know they’re all made from great / pure ingredients

Wild Caught Salmon Dog Treats

Elk & Venison Dog Treats
We love Freeze-Dried treats

Ginger is always a fan of freeze dried, that fact that’s it’s made from single ingredients it’s always the best way to go. My dog would do just about anything just to get another treat.

Rabbit Dog Treats
Roggie Pup( TikTok)
Our Favorite Treats

With my dog’s allergies it’s important we stay away from the common allergy proteins and stick with single ingredient treats and that’s why Holi is perfect for us and our favorite treats!

Best variety pack

I got my dogs the Land Lovers variety pack and they absolutely love it!


Our dog koko loves the salmon oil on her food. She is a picky eater, and with two pumps of this on her food she eats it all. Full disclosure, we also have the lamb and rabbit powder. We sprinkle one of those or put salmon oil on her food and she loves them all. She clearly prefers your food to any canned food we have bought. Great product!

Dog Loves it

This is like crack for my dog. He loves it. It makes his coat shiny and soft.

Project sudz organic shampoo bar

Love it the smell is amazing good alternative for flea treatment products doesn’t dry my dogs skin leaves his coat shinny

My dog’s favorite

I have a husky you usually have to coax to eat. Until I started using this. He loves it and will come to me at meal times asking to eat. Good stuff.

Rabbit Dog Food Topper
Jenilyn Abshagen
Amazing products

Everything we have gotten from Holi has been such a great product that our dog has loved!

Rabbit Dog Treats
Charlotte Li
Healthy and Addictive

Honey absolutely loves these single-ingredient dry treats, making them fantastic high-value rewards for training! I appreciate their simplicity and effectiveness in reinforcing positive behavior.

Chicken treats

My cats go to dish and look for the these treats
Last bag was treats weee dries out and not fresh. I ordered extra during Black Friday sale, hope these are fresher.

Rabbit Dog Treats
Sharon Sackett

Rabbit Dog Treats

Rabbit Dog Treats
We definitely recommend! 🐾🫶🏽

My dog is a slow eater and will take all day to eat his food. Holli changed that for him, he absolutely loves, loves loves HOLI products and finishes his kibble as soon as it is time to eat. Thank you!!

Definitely Recommend!!

Ollie eats all of his kibble and locks the bowl.LOL i definitely recommend and you can also tell they are made with love. Thank you!

Rabbit Dog Treats

My dog loves this. He favors the rabbit flavor. He’s a picky husky and will eat his meal as soon as you serve it with the addition of the rabbit. Otherwise he leaves breakfast for dinner or sometimes dinner to the next day. Love the larger package.