Elk & Venison Nutrition

Elk & Venison Treats: The Whole Package

If you love our rabbit treats, you have to try our newest product—Elk & Venison treats!
It’s about time we formally introduce you, and tell you all the reasons these treats are fabulous!

At HOLI, we are always looking for ways to keep your dog engaged and excited about their meals and snacks. It’s important to us that your dog has variety as well as irresistible taste. We’re going to explain some of the benefits of adding these new proteins to your dog’s diet, and why we fortified this treat with vitamins and minerals to make a complete and balanced meal.

Using wild-caught elk and deer, meat produced ends up being leaner than regular commercially raised livestock. They feed on native species and have an entirely natural diet—no feed-lot grains! This lean meat is great for treating without worrying about fat. Because these proteins are not usually used in traditional pet food, they often pair well with sensitivities. Allergies most commonly occur when feeding the same proteins over a long period of time. Feeding novel proteins like elk and venison lessen the risk for allergies. HOLI is all about sensitive and picky dogs, so we think this is a great option to help! If your dog loves our rabbit treats, this may be a great additional protein to add to their diet that works around your dog’s sensitivities.

Below we’ll discuss some of the natural vitamins and minerals found in both elk and venison, and their benefits for your dog.


Both elk and venison contain these nutrients:



Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, aids in skin and coat health. It helps the nervous system function properly by producing myelin; the protective coating on nerves. Adequate cobalamin levels keep a healthy appetite by assisting digestive bacteria in the gut to break down proteins, carbs, and fats to absorb all the nutrients from your dog’s foods. B12 keeps a healthy immune system in check and helps in red blood cell production, keeping oxygen flowing and energy levels up.


Zinc is an important mineral for hormone production and helps strengthen the immune system overall. It improves cognitive functioning, skin and coat health, and vision. Zinc is essential in DNA and RNA replication and cell division, making it important for wound healing and growth.


Phosphorus partners with calcium to fortify bones and teeth. Proteins and fats bind with phosphorus to help the body form important membranes. Kidney function is increased with phosphorus, and it’s a nutrient that is crucial to the organ to rid the body of toxins.


Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is used to metabolize carbohydrates. It’s an essential nutrient for brain functioning, energy levels, and helps nerves to transmit messages to the brain.


Vitamin B2, riboflavin, is an essential B vitamin that helps strong muscle functioning. It also, along with iron, promotes red blood cell production. It has benefits for vision as well.


Niacin, or vitamin B3, is a B vitamin essential for hormone production and functioning. It helps in stress response by telling the body how much cortisol to produce. Niacin promotes healthy brain functioning.


Somewhat related to dehydration, pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6, helps maintain sodium-potassium levels in the body. It helps the body produce red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body. B6, in turn, promotes cognitive function.


Iron helps the body transport oxygen through the bloodstream. It is needed to create red blood cells and to help enzymes function correctly. Iron is important to maintain energy levels; without it, dogs will show signs of lethargy.




Elk is a nutrient-rich, heart-healthy meat. Being leaner than traditional proteins, it’s a great option for overweight dogs. It’s also a great option for a healthy wintertime treat when our dogs may be getting less exercise in the cold. Elk meat is rich in:

Selenium is crucial for proper thyroid functioning. It can help reduce and prevent kidney stones and other kidney conditions. Selenium can boost immunity and has cancer fighting properties as well, and can reduce inflammation from allergies and joint pain.


Manganese is a mineral that helps your dog absorb and digest carbs and protein, which maintains energy levels and strengthens muscles. This mineral is important in converting food into energy.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that benefits in reducing free radicals (unstable and harmful molecules that can increase likelihood of cancer and illness). This vitamin reduces inflammation, helping those with allergies and sensitivities, and reduces signs of cognitive aging. It may help with reducing the likelihood of UTIs as well.




Venison is high in protein while being low in saturated fats and sodium, making it an incredibly healthy protein option for your pup. It’s a great source of energy as a lean and protein-rich meat. In addition to the nutrients both elk and venison share, it’s also a great source of:


An electrolyte that keeps your dog’s muscles and nerves to conduct electrical impulses. It prevents dehydration, working with sodium to move water in and out of cells.


So with all of these natural vitamins and minerals, why fortify this treat?


For starters, elk and venison are great options for full meals for your dog because of their high protein and low fat content. We wanted to make a treat that was good enough to feed as a whole meal so that you can be confident and guitless when training or adventuring with your dog. This can be considered more of a snack than just a treat. Think of it as your dog’s version of a protein bar. It travels easily and is the perfect snack for a long hike or a day at the beach, or their full dinner when you decide to keep your adventures going into the evening. For those who feed a raw diet, it’s an excellent addition or topper if you’re worried that you may not have it completely balanced.

Overarchingly, elk and venison on their own are fantastic options, but fortifying these as a complete and balanced meal just makes it that much better! It’s a great option for protein-sensitive dogs by being more novel than traditional proteins that your dog may have developed allergies to. These proteins are great for those dealing with weight gain, elderly dogs who may not be as active as they used to be, or for puppies who need the high protein for growth and development with all the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy and strong. We can’t wait for you to try!


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