Variety Is The Spice of Life

Variety Is The Spice of Life

Oh, to be a dog! The life of a dog in many instances is enviable. They are fed, cared for, go on walks, play ball, get their bellies rubbed and follow it all up with a relaxing nap on the couch or long slumber in the sun.

As humans we love to watch them dream - their paws rapidly twitching as they run through a meadow chasing squirrels and rabbits, a future feast to share amongst the pack. Their jaws clench and their eyes flutter as they carefully pluck fresh, ripe berries from a bush to nibble on while dreaming of the days when they roamed free and wild.

We often hear that variety is the spice of life and it is especially important when it comes to dog nutrition. Humans and dogs alike need the highest quality nutrition in order to live our best lives. Throughout history, humans who have had access to a wide variety of healthy, fresh foods have been able to stave off aging and disease. This same principal can be applied to animal nutrition and rotational feeding is a concept that accommodates dogs from both a taste and a health perspective.

A rotational diet is all about ensuring that your dog is getting optimal nutrition from multiple food sources to minimize the risk of allergies and health issues. The concept is simple: Provide your dog with different, fresh proteins (fish, chicken, beef) daily or weekly and also incorporate healthy veggies, fruits and berries into the mix.

Rotational feeding has three primary benefits to offer our fur babies. The first is that rotating proteins provides a wider variety of nutrients and amino acid profiles. Dogs in the wild eat a variety of animals and get a healthy mix of proteins and amino acids. Our dogs aren’t out there hunting, and rotating the proteins in their food offers those same benefits. The next issue helped by rotation is that over exposure to proteins can cause food sensitivities. If your dog is suffering from itchy skin, diarrhea, vomiting or behavioral issues, then a rotational diet may be the best way to alleviate these conditions. If a dog is being fed an allergy-producing food every single day, then there is no way for them to eliminate the buildup of histamines in their body. When a rotation diet is implemented, dogs are able to eliminate the allergy-inducing food before it produces histamines that cause allergic reactions. Last but not least… rotating proteins keeps meal time fun and interesting for you pup! We humans wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day, our best friends enjoy variety as well.

HOLI is here to support you and your dog with our veterinarian-developed foods. All of our healthy foods are customized and “personalized” specifically for the nutritional requirements of your dog. We also give pet parents the ability to choose and rotate ultra premium single animal proteins. This combination provides dogs with a wide variety of flavors and textures - which is certainly more interesting to your dog than getting the same food every single day. Just like humans, dogs need diverse nutritional components for good health and HOLI makes it easy to ensure that your dog is getting the best diet for its needs.