Our Story

It all started with a human trying to give his dog a nutritious and delicious meal. Sound familiar?

Why We Created HOLI

We believe that our 4-legged family deserve meals that offer nutrition tailored to their needs, quality ingredients, and delicious flavors. We also wondered why we couldn’t offer our pups the kind of variety that they would enjoy in nature. So we went to work to create a solution that offers our dogs the nutrition they need, the flavors they want, and a variety of proteins to make meals fun!

So, What’s The Story…


It was 2016, and Wes was about to become a pet parent for the first time. Like most new dog owners, he researched food and nutrition and picked what he felt was the best for Bandit.


Bandit had other ideas… not only was he super picky, but he had food sensitivities which made feeding stressful and upsetting


What followed was lots of research, trial and error, upset stomachs, and guilt. Switching foods is painful, and messy.


That's when Wes, and co-founder Dave got together to figure it out. We wanted to create a dog food that wasn't just nutritious, but aso delicious! And why can’t we give dogs a variety of flavors?


We worked with leading vet nutritionists and food formulators to develop a unique system to give our pups the nutrition they need and a delicious variety of proteins to keep mealtime fun and exciting - all while avoiding food sensitivities!

We hope that you and your four legged family enjoy HOLI as much as Wes and Bandit