Why Choose Salmon Oil?

HOLI just launched Salmon Oil! We're giving you some reasons you may want to add this to your dog's diet

HOLI is always looking to expand our ways to help your picky eater get the nutrients they need. That’s why we’re launching salmon oil!

Before it’s in your cabinet, we want to let you know some of the reasons you might want to add salmon oil into your dog’s diet, as well as why ours is the best choice for your pooch.

Salmon oil contains vital nutrients for our dogs, and has benefits for dogs at all stages of their lives.

DHA and EPA are essential fatty acids found in salmon oil. Your dog must get these fatty acids from their diet because the body doesn’t produce them by itself. Omega-3 FAs can contribute to increased cognitive function — hello geriatrics and puppies! — and lower inflammation for those suffering from allergies.


In puppies, salmon oil helps puppies with the growth and development of their bodies and brains. For older dogs, the nutrients in salmon oil helps lower inflammation, which can help with joint discomfort. Salmon oil strengthens immunity and can even help fight cancer!


Benefitting dogs of all life stages, salmon oil aids in wound healing, as well as making their coats shiny and beautiful by providing benefits to dry skin. You may even experience less shedding because their skin is healthier.


In addition to how great salmon oil is in your dog’s diet, ours comes in reusable and recyclable aluminum bottles. The idea behind this is that with the oil lasting — perhaps just a little bit — longer than your treats, your dog won’t have any microplastics degrading into the oils. Aluminum is more durable than plastic bottles, meaning you can reuse your bottles for something else after, maybe holding water on walks or for your toiletries or cleaning products! Aluminum is much less hazardous than plastics for the environment, because it won’t degrade into water.


Aluminum is a better choice for taste, too. There won’t be any plastic-y taste in the oil due to microplastic degradation, and being that we are a company founded on picky eaters, we know how important taste is to our pets.


For use, you can add salmon oil as a topper on food, or frozen on a lick mat when you leave the house. Since a lot of dogs like the taste of salmon oil, you can even just feed it right off a spoon!

We’re so excited for you to try our salmon oil, and we hope these reasons help you feel great about adding this tasty oil to your dog’s diet!