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Who doesn’t love a good dog tale? We definitely do! So please share yours. We’d love to hear how your pet is loving HOLI, or frankly any other thing that involves pet pictures. Send them in!

A Conversation with Vera Murri: Certified Dog Trainer

Vera Murri is a certified dog trainer and the owner of Dog Life Hoboken. She teaches obedience training, behavior modifications
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What Does Freeze Dried Dog Food Mean?

Freeze dried dog food might not seem like a very exciting topic, but at HOLI we recognize...

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DCM and Grain Free Diets - Let's be serious. Not scary

The headlines are alarming: “Popular Grain-Free Dog Foods May Be Linked to Heart Disease;” “New FDA Warning...

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Dogs Will Eat Anything Right?

Dogs will eat anything, right? If you’re reading this and shaking your head, then you’re probably like...

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